I was inspired by the relationship between my youngest sister, who is 8, with the adults that make up the rest of our immediate family. I am thirteen years older than her, our other sister is two years younger than I, and the only other playmates in the house are my step dad and mom. Being surrounded by us, she tries to grow up too fast and is obsessed with the vanity aspects of adulthood. Which I wish she wasn't. My step dad has plenty of tattoos, and has even brought my sister with him to a shop before. This image of my sweet little sister being in a hard tattoo shop was very funny to me. It made me think of how she must have lost some innocence learning how adults gain this body art. This is much like when I was little and all I wanted was my ears pierced, yet when I witnessed my sister closest in age screaming and crying while getting hers done, I decided to wait 6 years because I didn't think it was worth the agony. An ear piercing story however is a bit too classic soft feminine to me, tattoos are bad ass.

In the end; this story is about the loss of innocence when you learn the pain in beauty.


The story of a young girls tattoo aspirations, and the truth behind them.

Fall 2017